How to choose a pocket replica watch

1. Look at the pocket replica watches case.

Choose a pocket fake watches, most afraid of fakes. The first thing to look at is the outer casing of the clock. A magnifying glass can be used to closely monitor the extent of the worn clock, or the surface of the surface of the housing and the body casing are broken, whether or not there are dents or whether the package will be removed. At the same time, it is necessary to open the chassis and observe the back panel of Mark. As a rule, the pocket watches brand will be marked in the middle of the case. In addition, in order to observe whether the replica watch is safe, whether there are oil pipes connected to each other, or whether the accessories have a tablet, the clock is still unclear.

2. Look at the pocket clock icon.

Whether the clock has symbols, symbols, and whether or not to cover Mark later depends mainly on the surface of the clock and the kernel, and is composed of two tables. Because this is an ordinary thing. Therefore, to insist that the core is a pocket fake rolex watches, collectors should do one thing, and seeing the authenticity of the machine may not really require the vision of an expert.

Often, some important parts of the table, such as gears or wheels, if damaged, are a good way to repair the fake watches, which is designed to remove the same parts from other machines and replace them. So look at the surface and see how the surfaces fit together. Perhaps both should be spiral spikes, but not the part of the surface of the nail surface where the screw holes and threads are shown are the wrong part of the dandruff after careful inspection, you will see that the surface is fake.

3. Look at the surface of the pocket replica watches.

The last thing to look at is the surface, which is also an antique pocket watch, usually made. Most surfaces are hand-painted and sometimes flawed and can be seen. In addition, many surfaces that are not clean can’t clean the surface Patek Philippe replica relationship on the contaminated surface, and the back wipe remains the same, which will be visible to the naked eye when the stain is washed.