Precautions when purchasing mechanical Cartier replica watches

When purchasing a mechanical replica watches, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Appearance visual inspection of the outer casing, face, needle, “sand eye” zero, bright color, no color difference, back cover, closed.

2. Start showing performance. Slow down the top spring handle to turn and look at the second hand, the second hand starts to spin from your own European top bar with less spin times for better performance.

3. In the article. When the hand on the panel is easy to feel, there is no noise. In addition to the automatic fake watches on the driveway, the slippery phenomenon should generally be able to climb in the spring instead of slipping.

4. Needle plate. When pulling the needle, the side feels comfortable, too stiff or too loose. When the needle points to 3, 6, 9, and 12 characters, the needle should not deviate from 12 characters plus or minus 4 cells.

5. When the replica Cartier watch is completely wrapped, it should be clear, even no noise, and should not change with the direction.

6. Accurate time. A special tool is needed to measure it. Some large state-owned stores have customer service testing. At the time of purchase, they can ask the seller to Cartier replica check the accuracy of the waste and the wrong location.