Function and style modules for different types of replica watches

Since 2015, MIYOTA has a complete technical strength, launched a full hollow 8N24 automatic movement, 8217, 8245, 8247 automatic movement, automatic movement 82S0, 82S5, 82S7 and multiple series (bahatohlazyy) automatically The chain movement and the 8N33, 6T33 full-empty hand-wound movement, more than 10 new mechanical products, two years later, enriched MIYOTA’s similar mechanical movement to meet the needs of most users.

Quartz fake watches mechanism 2035 “super”, the reason is that this huge production, the use of a wide range, the price is also very cheap, only when one party bought about 67,000 yuan; all low quartz watches, gifts and fashion for an hour, it is estimated Nearly half of MIYOTA uses this action, you can pick up a woman’s shape, you can also collect a man’s watch, which for many years is a quartz fake clock production and assembly industry “evergreen”. On this basis, there are many kinds of deformation movements, but adding functions and style modules or parts similar to different types of fake watches (for example, calendars, calendars, etc.), but the number of movements should be

Quartz replica watches have a wide range of sports, more common brands and performance, at least hundreds, even plastic things at a time, can not be deleted and repair the most distinctive PC21, in fact, this sport is not much cheaper than 2035, and 2035 or “Unknown” metal plate, except for the wheel and the part of the insert – plastic parts. (see photo)

The mechanism MIYOTA 2035 size – a “round” plate (semicircular napivpryamokutni), the so-called 6 × 8 (sequence), which is the thickness of 15.3 X 17.8 mm and 3.15 mm movement, the product also has a drill bit early start And later changed without practice.

The program is also open for technical specifications, including: time error on the road +/- 20 seconds per month; battery life 3 years (using SR626SW without alumina and mercury); IC circuit it is also logic FM, DFC, this It is a digital frequency control, energy-saving reset mechanism, excessive workload and compensation system. The maximum torque on the shaft is the point of the point • m 0.4 mkN minutes, 0.07 seconds position micrometer • meter; sports replica watches.