Application of titanium to replica watches

Thanks to the full steel fake watch of the replica watches there aer a titanium.

His material is called “aerospace” metal. What is titanium?

Titan is in the earth’s crust, which can be bright and shiny metallic, or silvery-gray, dark-gray powder. Titanium is solid, 30% stronger than steel, titanium is light for steel, Breitling replica and anticorrosive strong. Under the influence of air in the titanium surface forms a rigid, durable film that opposes the part of the material that destroys the metal and is the most resistant to salty water.

Titanium replica Breitling watch is comfortable to wear, because it is characterized by the absence of nickel and does not irritate the skin, even if it was worn while sweating. In addition, thanks to its light and solid texture, the sheet with titanium is more durable. Our titanium replica watches are widely known by the Chinese aviation forces and the Chinese Eastern Airlines.

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